Ion beams are available within the MOSAIC facility in a wide range of energy, 50 eV – 32 MeV, using either 50 kV SIDONIE isotope separator, 190 kV IRMA ion implanter, 2 MV ARAMIS ion accelerator, or the 4 MV Andromede accelerator, and the various dedicated end-beam stations. Ions can be deposited (fabrication of targets or standards) or incorporated (ion implantation) into a solid, or can be used to irradiate a material.

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All beams are scanned uniformly over a chosen surface. Temperature (of the target) is ranging from -170°C to 1000°C. A large variety of elements are available, of almost all stable elements, from H to Bi, and Aunq+ nanoparticles.

Available elements at MOSAIC facility


Available energies at JANNuS-SCALP facility

Available energies at MOSAIC facility