• Commissioning : 1958
  • Conception : CSNSM
  • Type : 40 kV isotope separator
  • Ion source : Nier-Bernas
  • Operating cost : 1680€ per day, net of tax

The 40 kV SIDONIE isotope separator of the MOSAIC facility is an ion accelerator allowing the production of isotopically pure targets. With a resolution R>1000, SIDONIE allows separation of isotopes with an impurity rate of less than 10‑5, from 65 different elements. SIDONIE allows the creation of targets by ion implantation in a material, or by deposition thanks to its deceleration system. The available currents make it possible to obtain fluences greater than 1×1018 cm-2 per day. SIDONIE is used for the creation of targets for fundamental nuclear physics, the creation of standards, and the supply of isotopes of the highest purity for medical interests.

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