• Commissioning : 1979
  • Conception : CSNSM
  • Type : 190 kV ion implanter
  • Ion source : Nier-Bernas
  • Operation costs : 1680€ per day, net of tax

With its Nier-Bernas source, the IRMA ion implanter has the ability to deliver ion beams of 65 different chemical elements, with energies ranging from 5 to 570 keV, allowing materials to be modified up to 500 nm in depth. The currents of mono-charged produced ions range from a few tens to a few hundreds of micro-amperes depending on the elements. With fluxes that can exceed 1×1013 at/(s*cm2), the wide choice of chemical elements makes it possible to envisage various works such as the doping of semiconductors, the implantation of rare earths in solar cells, the synthesis of precipitates, the creation of defects or the incorporation of gas. Many object holders are available, allowing the preparation of samples in a wide temperature range. Its coupling with the ARAMIS ion accelerator allows the analysis by in situ RBS/C of the modifications induced in the microstructure of a material by ion implantation. Its coupling with ARAMIS and the in situ dual ion beam TEM allows co-irradiation experiments and observations at the nanometric scale, that are unique in the world.

Reference article :

  • A medium energy facility for variable temperature implantation and analysis, J. Chaumont, F. Lalu, M. Salomé, A.-M. Lamoise, H. Bernas, Nucl. Instr. and Meth.189 (1981) 193-198 doi

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